I personally will not look as fierce as I do forever but while it’s here I’m rockin’ it and you can believe that as long as I’m healthy and cute that’s all that matters. You will not look the same forever so in your 20’s make sure that’s your golden era because after that you’ll be pretty depressed by how fast and superficial that was so be happy with being healthy and insert attractive adjective here and that confidence all by itself is attractive I’ve known guys that were huge but were completely ripped so don’t let the size fool you I’m big myself but the men around me never seem to mind. I’m not obese, chubby bunnies seem to get lots of attention at parties especially from the scene kids, I never wondered why. I know what my worth is so I will not cut myself short when it comes to who I can catch and what I deserve in terms of relationships. I’m confident and straight forward, I can be loud, I’m a funny drinker, philosophical, musical, I like different cultures and I think books and comics are bomb. I’m not the average and I never plan to be and I never imagine I’ll find one like that wether I use the interent or not. I’m not looking for the average thinker or the typical I’m looking, like I said, for the substance. I want love, the long term, a friend, a pal, someone I can talk to when I’m sad and enjoy life when I’m ok.

Danny Phantom (character)

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In this article, Schoch explores the Turkish site of Göbekli Tepe, a complex of carved stone circles erected around 12, years ago. This site is spectacular, and its existence has called into question the accepted narrative of the development of civilization because there is no evidence of agriculture, permanent settlement, or any of the other hallmarks of civilization at the site.

So he goes to his father for dating advice and it turns out to be the best day of his entire life. So he goes to his father for dating advice. DxS It was a typical morning in the Fenton house. The family was happily eating breakfast. Jazz ran upstairs after she ate to do her hair and Maddie was still at the table working on a new Fenton gadget. That’s when Danny couldn’t focus.

He was getting distracted a lot lately.. Because of this girl.. Danny had lately been feeling mixed feelings for his best friend, Sam. He couldn’t help but feel in love with didn’t know how he could tell her. So Danny decided to come to his parents for advice. Shyly Danny walked up to his father feeling really nervous and embarassed a blush appeared on his face. Danny then got even more nervous “No! So what about this girl Danny?

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Ahead of their 20th wedding anniversary next year, the couple looked blissfully happy and relaxed as they made the most of the luxurious facilities at their high-end hotel. Scroll down for video Lasting love: The pair looked blissfully happy as they splashed in their infinity pool at a high-end hotel on the Amalfi Coast Taking in the stunning views of the Italian coastline, they got close at the edge of an infinity pool and chatted as they floated through the water.

The couple then soaked up the sun on a canopied bed while enjoying a refreshing drink, laying back and admiring their view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Fenton has been by her BAFTA-winning husband’s side from his days as a jobbing actor to him becoming one of Hollywood’s go-to leading men in the early s. Clive protected himself from the midday sun in a hat, linen shirt and shades Much-needed break: The pair’s vacation comes just days after his new TV show The Knick debuted in the US Promoting his film with Binoche, Words and Pictures, earlier this year, he revealed the secret of a lasting marriage in the movie industry is to ensure you’re never parted through work for too long.

The pair looked happy and refreshed as they headed home after their getaway He explained: The wonderful thing about my wife Sarah Jane is that she’s an actress herself and she knows what that means: The couple enjoy one of the strongest marriages in showbiz and will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary last year Success together:

## The Retreat Fenton

As usual, if something seems to be too good to be true it is. Not only do you have to upgrade from a free membership to a costly one usually the premium one in order to read messages or see pictures, but they ask for your telephone number then charge you accordingly. I have a pay as you go mobile phone and they ate all my credit up in a few days! Aug 21, by Mike Kulka on Its gotta be a scam.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

To determine the base glass color, hold the carnival item up to a strong light source. Natural sunlight works the best. This should make the carnival finish “disappear” and reveal the base glass color. It is not always as easy as it sounds. Some pieces are heavily coated with the carnival glass finish and it is very hard to see through to the base glass color. It that case, try to look thru the side of the collar base instead of the direct center of the bowl or other carnival item.

If that still does not reveal the base color to your satisfaction, bring it to a carnival club meeting. More than likely, someone there will be able to determine the base glass color for you. The most available base glass colors are Marigold reddish yellow or orange flashing on clear glass , Amethyst, Blue and Green with Marigold being the most abundant. I can’t resist a bit of trivia here.

English electroplate silver: marks and hallmarks of British silver plate: Ea

Sheffield Plate is a cheaper substitute for sterling, produced by fusing sheets of silver to the top and bottom of a sheet of copper or base metal. This ‘silver sandwich’ was then worked into finished pieces. At first it was only put on one side and later was on top and bottom. Modern electroplating was invented by Italian chemist Luigi V. Brugnatelli used his colleague Alessandro Volta’s invention of five years earlier, the voltaic pile, to facilitate the first electrodeposition.

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What is your pleasure?

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How to Identify an Authentic Fenton Glass Fenton glassware are collector’s items, which are valued not just for their craftsmanship but also for their historical significance. But in a market flooded with fakes and duplicates, picking out an original Fenton can be a daunting task. To help you with that, in this Buzzle article, we tell you how to identify fake Fenton glass besides knowing how to spot an original one.

TIP The Fenton website has a list of the authorized dealers and stores, along with their addresses and contact details. Though you might not find those rare ones, Fenton glassware bought from any one of these stores is guaranteed to be genuine. Started back in by brothers Frank L.

Jan 24,  · And if she were dating Danny Fenton, spending a lot of time with him, how long before he would slip up and reveal his secret? And whennot if, but when he did, would her feelings for Danny Fenton override her hatred of Danny Phantom?

Human-torched by lowlifes that wildfired the imagination of young, L. That’s how they’re cast in our film noir tale about one of the biggest Los Angeles crimes of the s. But it’s not that easy. At 20 minutes to midnight, four men who had been thrown out of the Club Mecca, S. The small neighborhood bar, 25 feet square packed with 21 people, exploded in flames. Firefighters found one victim still sitting on a bar stool, so badly burned it was days before he was positively identified.

Four other men and one woman died, and the rest survived, one of them with severe burns. At the time, police called it the biggest mass murder in Los Angeles history. Of course, they all had alibis. Chavez said he went home from the bar and didn’t know anything about the fire until he read about it in the papers. Bates and Brenhaug said they were at another cocktail lounge until it closed at 2 a. Hernandez said he couldn’t get served because he was underage.

Love Island’s Rachel Fenton pens blistering response after trolls claim she looks “fat”