Those two chuckle fucks doomed themselves to an unhappy unhealthy joke of a relationship due to being D grade youtubers. You can’t help but laugh. Well, here’s the thing: There are far too many political connotations that go with feminism these days that it’s very VERY easy for someone like myself to say that I am not a feminist and I am not at all in support of it currently. Judging on her current videos alone and nothing else , I would not personally say that Shoe is anti-woman. However, in Shoe’s case, the “anti-woman” thing might actually be true Considering her history with how she’s flat-out bullied other women and how she not-so-low-key acts very competitive with other women.


Higher likelihood of being on the autism spectrum Higher likelihood of being mentally retarded Poor motor skills. They are always tripping over their own feet and have handwriting that can only be described as an unreadable, epileptic spasm. Some experts have hypothesized that this is because their extra Y chromosome gives them a propensity towards violence and rape.

Armoured Skeptic splitting wood is the manliest thing I’ve seen on Youtube. Автор — Ryan Kelly That was pretty kick ass you guys using Jonathan Young’s cover of Be a Man.

For example, in “Oppression Olympics”, Lapine says: Do you wanna go on a diet and get thin? Don’t do any of those things! What does that mean? That means I want YOU to stoop down to my level. And that means don’t go on a diet! Don’t do your hair! Don’t try to look pretty! I get catcalls all the time and I hate it! I just love vlogging about it though and I love blogging about it on my Tumblr! You don’t have to look nice for boys! That’s the patriarchy telling you to do that!

You could be a fat lazy slob and do anything you want!


But geeks have won! I think ultimately this film is hamstrung by having to stay largely faithful to the incredibly utilitarian plot of a game from As you said elsewhere, there are other stories in Warcraft that can offer a great deal more depth. Chaz Le white female privilege much? DonJunbar I have read almost all of the negative reviews on this movie, and this one is just the worst.

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Reply All she could do was stare at it. The hours seemed to pass by as she looked at the broken pot that was lying on the floor. In it, there was a wealth of memories that were crumbling before her, like all the things in the world were tied up in this pot. It was strange, because she never had seen this as something she cared about. The painted ceramic was not ugly or anything. It just existed and nobody had ever noticed it. Sometimes it had flowers in it.

Sometimes it had other stuff. It had always just been in the room, sitting on the table. But as the rain could be heard outside, along with cars passing by, in the utter silence of the room, this pot was all she could see, and as she stared at it, a wealth of memories opened up. The first time she had seen it, it was a house-warming gift from a friend she made at work. It did look nice enough.

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Wednesday, 06 December Her illegal conduct and unconstitutional behavior in the trial, served to direct attention away from the use of ranchers land, like the Bundy land, in which uranium was being extracted and sold to the Russians in the now labeled Uranium One scandal in which the Clinton Foundation was profiteering from treason against the people of the United States. History will judge the Uranium One scandal to be the biggest scandal in the history of the United States.

The Chinese were using the installation of solar energy farms as the cover. This story broke when I was informed that the Bundys were being ordered to be released and I received this information from an FBI informant almost 3 days before Navarros ruling.

Shoe0nhead/June Laport and Armoured Skeptic/ Gregory Fluher: barely understanding facts Anonymous 03/12/18 (Mon) I mean look at Armoured Skeptic giving June a stack of Dawkins books lol. He’s stuck in you are dating a cheater and in a youtube relationship, chances of you guys lasting are not high at all. And despite all of this.

She’s known for being popular, attractive, humorous and well-liked; she is the antithesis of Jenny McDermott. It is feared by scientists that one day, a photo between Shoe and Skeptic will be so heartwarming, that Devon Tracey will grow a heart. Description Shoe is currently dating Armoured Skeptic and is friends with Sargon of Akkad , often attending live streams with them that consist of nothing but disturbing grunts, moans, and cries as the two men take advantage of her while their audience pleasure themselves.

History Shoe has a very inactive channel, not uploading often at all. This officially makes her the female equivalent of Paul’s Ego. On Drunken Peasants Shoe0nHead was mentioned in episode when a mentally-challenged transvestite claimed she was being exploited by treacherous men on the Internet. Kevin Logan told her to fuck off in episode because she said some mean things to Jenny.

Armoured Skeptic

They are going to present historians of the future with ample materials to check and debate for a number of human lifespans. Glory to God in the very best, and on earth peace, good will toward males. This is the form of factor that I am by no means excellent at myself, so it was good that I had Daniel to push me on. Being the boss means making testing decisions each calendar day, although they are your choices and, unlike when you toil for others, you really get to make them!

That must make your job easier. However we, more than any, notice that one will need to have the convictions of their beliefs.

May 13,  · shoe0nhead / June Lapine/Laporta & Armoured Skeptic / Gregory “Greg” Fluhrer a poor man’s boxxy and her knight boyfriend Discussion in ‘ Internet Famous ‘ started by O’Shagnasty, Jul 12, Forum Guidelines.

The eldest son of Barbara and George H. Bush was not evil; he is stupid and he has serious father issues. It’s no coincidence that the United States just happened to move from Afghanistan to Iraq all of a sudden. He wanted to get Saddam Hussein because failure to do so cost his father the second term election. I wouldn’t say he is a good, or even decent man, let alone a president. He did willfully and knowingly lie to the American people about the presence of WMDs in Iraq in order to justify going to war with them.

In addition, his actions as president led to a downward spiral of the economy in the US. However, it is also to remember that in many ways he was a puppet being controlled by Cheny, special interest groups, and his fathers’ lackeys. Bush screwed up everything. He definitely shouldn’t have been president. He can’t even lie to us the right way! He sucks at public speaking, and it surprises me that he even got into office! He’s probably the most evil in my opinion because of his bad decisions as president that screwed up the country and even started a war.

All the people that died in the wars to follow his rash actions, American or otherwise, I stand by you.

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Its different to the already incredibly popular Indian service PayTM in the respect that it links a phone directly with a bank account, rather than having the user regularly top up a wallet with money. The approach allows any two phones with mics and speakers to communicate with each other using ultrasound, above the range of human hearing, to arrange a transaction. That will be particularly useful in a country where not everyone has a high-spec device.

Unhinged Vlogger Attacks shoe0nhead & Armoured Skeptic by Ethan Ralph · Published September 4, · Updated March 28, I don’t usually talk about all that much YouTube drama here on the site.

She is known for being a YouTube video blogger, activist and sex educator who has delivered lectures in various universities, camps and organizations. Laci Green, who is currently working with MTV, has always been outspoken about the subject of sex and she has encouraged openness about it. This year old blogger was born in Utah but she currently stays in Los Angeles, California; however, she was raised by her parents in Oregon and California.

She has two younger siblings. Laci Green graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and her works have earned her numerous awards and honors despite merely being in her mid-twenties. However, she has publicly described herself as being omnisexual, which is a term closely related to bisexuality. Categorically, omnisexuality is different form bisexuality in the sense that attraction to a partner is not based on sex or gender. American video blogger Laci Green Facts Laci was raised as a Mormon by her parents but she grew up to question the religion.

our response to Kevin Logan