I recall only three — Alexander, Ashoka and Akbar. This great title does not come easily. And you must be a basher of mainstream Hinduism in some way or the other. But our glorious historians, who seem to take more passion as poets and creative writers, consider this to be defeat of Porus. Incidentally Greek historians are more candid to admit this defeat of Alexander! But that is besides the point. Next came Ashoka, who got a sudden remorse after conducting the greatest bloodshed of his era. Again a favorite of our creative historians who even made a film out of his romantic affairs with one of his innumerable wives. And after him, for centuries no one could repeat that feat.

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Most of the historical data is hidden away in PDFs of these monthly reports, so I had the pleasure of scraping data from scans of dozens of CDC reports that were published 30 years before I was even born. To provide a more visual view of the data set, I charted the per capita marriage and divorce rates below, with a few annotations to denote major historical events. Similarly, after the conclusion of WWI and WWII , those same young men and women coming back from the war seemed eager to elope and start a new life after spending years experiencing the destructive nature of war.

Interestingly, the only notable spike in divorce rates in the past years also followed the conclusion of WWII, likely due to many of the pre-WWII marriages coming to an abrupt end once the romance of wartime marriage wore off. It seems when Americans fall on hard times, marriage is one of the first things to take the back seat. One particularly confusing aspect of this data set was the fact that the post-war era in the s and s seemed to experience a significant drop in marriage rates, despite the fact that the s and s were known as a time of nearly-universal marriage in the U.

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Patent ductus arteriosus PDA is a heart problem that occurs soon after birth in some babies. In the US, it affects around eight in every 1, premature babies and two of out every 1, full-term infants. In PDA, abnormal blood flow occurs between two of the major arteries connected to the heart.

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In most cases, the system is patrilineal and the gotra assigned is that of the person’s father. An individual may decide to identify his lineage by a different gotra, or combination of gotras. This was because Lord Rama’s great-grandfather Raghu became famous. The term gotra, itself, according to strict Hindu tradition is used only for the lineages of Brahmin , Kshatriya and Vysya families.

A Gotra relates directly to the original seven or eight Rishis of the Vedas. Recently, the term “gotra” has taken broader meanings to include any lineage, Brahmin or otherwise. Therefore, today, other terms are considered synonymous with gotra and the distinct meaning of the word and the esoteric connotations are lost to many, even within the Brahmin community. A common mistake is to consider gotra to be synonymous with cult or Kula.

A kula is basically a set of people following similar rituals, often worshipping the same God the Kula-Devata – the God of the cult. Kula has nothing to do with lineage or caste. In fact, it is possible to change one’s Kula, based on his faith or ista devatha. It is common practice in Hindu marriage to enquire about the Kula-Gotra meaning Cult-Clan of the bride and bridegroom before approving the marriage.

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