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This practice became most organized, and earned the name of “proofing” with the advent of firearms, when armor plates were proof tested to assure their resistance to proof against early gunfire. A representative sample of each lot of weapons is tested with a proofing cartridge, which has vastly higher pressure than the normal specifications. If the weapon survives a certain number of these, it passes, and all weapons in the lot get the proof mark to certify they meet the government’s minimum expectations of function and safety.

“Gun Control’s” Nazi Connection. Startling evidence suggests that the Gun Control Act of was lifted, almost in its entirety, from Nazi legislation.

A misfire from your gun or the gun falling into wrong hands is a dreaded thought! Equipped with biometric mechanism together with an active keypad, it is highly dependable, durable and ideally sized for your pistol. Portable and small, it does not require a lot of storage space. Also, it is very easy to use and will not fail you during vital situations. Without a second thought make this small investment and earn yourself a lifelong asset.

Rock solid, biometric system, lock-key backup access, adequate size. Keypad could have been more firm. Light-weight, sturdy with latest biometric security features at an extremely nominal price. Not fire-proof, fingerprint scanner needs to be cleaned regularly for effective functioning. Biometric locks are the future and it is here with the Barska AX This gun safe has a single compartment with lots of space to keep many handguns and a few valuables together with ammunition.

Two live locking bolts, 30 fingerprint memory and a loud beep to signal false entry are its other attractive features. Remember, this is also one of the most affordable biometric safes around.

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Australia’s gun buyback resulted in about 1 million newly banned weapons being destroyed en masse. Dean Sewell But Alpers says far more significant was that under the agreement the states and territories agreed to three basic principles: Under the new regime anyone who wanted a licence needed to demonstrate a “genuine reason” for owning a gun. To landholders and primary producers, this was not hard.

But many urban shooters demonstrated their “genuine reason” for gun ownership by joining an approved shooting club, as the agreement dictated. And this is a killer quirk, says Alpers.

Several combat veterans spoke with The Nation‘s Joshua Holland, in an attempt to expose the “lies” peddled by the NRA and the politicians they own.. Specifically taking on NRA chief Wayne LaPierre‘s now infamous claim that “Good guys with guns kill bad guys with guns,” the veterans said that gun owners cannot simply will themselves to become heroes in high stress situations.

Posted on Wednesday, September 20, by Thoreau 13 Comments Right now, conservatives have enough political power to prevent any substantial new gun control measures at the federal level. But liberal States, especially California, have been piling on the restrictions, working toward a complete ban as their true thinly-veiled goal.

Eventually, liberals might regain control of the Presidency and Congress, making gun restrictions a looming danger for preppers. And it will be so much the worse if they ever get a clear majority on the Supreme Court. Well, what if it does? What can we do? There are several options, some more risky than others. Certain gun are less likely to be banned. I like a nice 3-tax stamp short-barreled full-auto rifle with a silencer as much as the next firearms enthusiast.

But a prudent gun plan should include at least a couple of guns less likely to be banned. A lever-action rifle is fun to shoot, useful for hunting and self-defense, and not too expensive. As these guns are manual action, not semi-auto, they are least likely to be banned. The same goes for pump shotguns and bolt-action rifles. Similarly, among hand guns, the revolver is nearly immune from gun control.

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Ronald Reagan signed a state ban on open carry into law. In , legal gun owner Philando Castile was shot after informing a Minnesota police officer that he was armed. Two years prior, Tamir Rice was killed by Cleveland police while holding a toy gun. John Crawford suffered the same fate in a Beavercreek, Ohio, Walmart.

So what does black gun ownership mean in a country so determined to keep its black populace unarmed?

Canadian Gun Laws – Changes to the Canadian Firearms Program. On April 5, , Bill C, Ending the Long-Gun RegistryAct, came into key changes are as follows: Removal of the requirement to register non-restricted firearms.

The NRA isn’t the only gun lobbying group offering such insurance. Guns Down’s advertising campaign casts a spotlight on the policies and asks the two insurance companies involved with it – Lockton Affinity, which administers it, and Chubb, the underwriter – to drop it. The campaign includes a video message from Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teen shot and killed in by a neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman whose case drew nationwide notoriety.

The video featuring Fulton begins with images showing some of the most racially divisive moments in recent history – from the white supremacists who protested in Charlottesville, Virginia, to surveillance footage showing Dylann Roof, who shot and killed nine African-Americans in during a prayer meeting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church. Martin was an unarmed teen who was shot and killed in by a neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman.

The case drew nationwide notoriety She criticizes the insurance and implores viewers to tell Chubb and Lockton Affinity to drop the insurance – and to not purchase their products until they do. Lockton declined to comment to The Associated Press. In a statement, Chubb told the AP that it provides insurance for a wide range of risks and when customers are engaged in ‘lawful activity,’ including hunting, shooting at gun ranges or when a firearm accidentally discharges.

It noted that Carry Guard includes training and safety courses. Neither Chubb nor Lockton would provide data on the number of policies sold or the claims filed.

What year was my Winchester manufactured? Serial Number Reference What year was my Winchester manufactured? These pages were scanned from documents compiled over the years by the customer service department of Winchester Repeating Arms. None of the page scans are of original documents but are simply transcribed information typed into a word processing program. In general, this information is the same that you would get if you called our customer service department and asked them for the information.

Why Taylor Woolrich Wanted A Gun. For four years, a Dartmouth student had been relentlessly stalked by an older man. The legal system couldn’t protect her, so she wanted permission to carry a gun.

Local Most gun owners support restrictions. People look at handguns as thousands of customers and hundreds of dealers sell, show and buy guns at the Nation’s Gun Show at the Dulles Expo Center earlier this month. Rosenwald By Michael S. Rosenwald October 9, Follow mikerosenwald Once again, their voices are missing from the debate. Gun owners who favor tighter restrictions on firearms say they are in the same position after the mass shooting in Oregon as they have been following other rampages — shut out of the argument.

The pattern, they say, is frustrating and familiar: The what-should-be-done discussion pits anti-gun groups against the National Rifle Association and its allies, who are adamantly opposed to any new restrictions on weapons. Gun owners who occupy the middle ground complain that they are rarely sought out or heard, yet polls show that the majority of gun owners support universal background checks and other controversial limits.

For lack of a better word, they are too whacked-out. The squelched majority could emerge as a powerful force in the gun control debate, gun control advocates say, if they ever gain traction — emphasis on if. President Obama, in a ritual that has become both familiar and frustrating to him, traveled to Oregon on Oct. Gun owners also strongly support a federal database of gun sales, prohibiting ownership for those convicted of domestic violence and barring people with mental illness from buying guns.

But they argue that tighter control could still save a significant number of lives.

It targets three Republican senators: Dean Heller of Nevada, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, lawmakers who have shown a willingness to back some sort of gun control or whose communities have faced a tragic mass shooting. The focus on women and domestic violence comes after gun-control advocates gained little traction on efforts to tighten restrictions on gun ownership.

Welcome to the Royal Enfield Owners Club. The REOC exists as a forum for the interchange of ideas and information on the maintenance, restoration and use of Royal Enfield motorcycles and machines.

These appointments must be approved by a majority of the Senate. Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that a Washington, D. Five of the seven justices appointed by Republicans ruled that Americans have an individual right to keep and bear arms. Hillary Clinton tried to filibuster one of their nominations, she later voted against his nomination, and she voted against the nomination of another such justice.

Democrat President Bill Clinton nominated two of them. She wrote in the memo: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. To these would be opposed a militia amounting to near half a million of citizens with arms in their hands, officered by men chosen from among themselves, fighting for their common liberties, and united and conducted by governments possessing their affections and confidence.

Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation, the existence of subordinate governments, to which the people are attached, and by which the militia officers are appointed, forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of.

Steve Stockman and Paul Gosar argued that gun bans and other gun restrictions enacted by various states and cities have led to more crime. But studies have failed to prove such causation. In a press release issued on Jan. One needs to look no further than the states with the toughest restrictions on firearms to see that they are the ones consistently ranking the highest in violent crime.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is suing Florida after it passed a gun control law in the wake of a school shooting that left 17 people dead. Governor Rick Scott, a staunch ally of the gun.

It comes from a centuries-old English statute that predates the American Revolution. Along with North Carolina, Tennessee , Alabama , and Virginia adopted versions of the ban on intimidating gun carrying. Saul Cornell, a legal historian, distilled the idea behind this specific form of firearms restrictions when he wrote: Far away from the police cordons, long-standing prohibitions against having your gun frighten the devil out of your neighbors have also been invoked to keep sensitive spaces gun-free.

Everytown provides funding to The Trace. In North Carolina, the arrests at the August 18 phantom Klan cavalcade show police deploying the law specifically to rein in armed protest. Along with Dixon, sheriff deputies sought warrants for the same violation against four others who also brought guns to the streets of Durham that day.

Standard A man who carries a gun is trouble. I mean the guy who is packing heat on his person or in his car rather than someone who uses a gun for sport like target shooting or hunting. Why do I say that you may ask?

Nov 14,  · After Bumble founder Herd turned down a $ million buyout offer from the Match Group earlier this year, the dating giant approached the company again this fall to discuss a .

By Sean Davis February 24, Guns can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Our Constitution guarantees our individual right to possess guns so that we might be able to defend ourselves from those who would violently take away our freedom. Reilly of Huffington Post: I believe these are rubber bullets, can anyone confirm? Reilly ryanjreilly August 17, Unfortunately, Reilly is hardly alone in his complete ignorance of how guns work. Our nation is facing an epidemic of gun-related misreporting.

To seasoned gun owners, these basic gun safety rules are gospel. If faithfully followed, they will prevent the likelihood of you ever shooting someone who did not pose an immediate and mortal threat to an innocent person. Treat all guns as though they are loaded. Each rule is effectively a backup in case you ignore a previous rule.

AP It was the opening day of deer hunting season, and Ronald Hansen says he loaded his rifle the same way he had countless times before, aimed at a target and fired a shot. This time, the gun barrel exploded, knocking the farmer from Hampton, Iowa, backward, severely damaging his right hand and ear and burning his face. Unknown to Hansen, the manufacturer of the rifle that injured him in had received other complaints of explosions and injuries over the prior decade.

Mr. McIntosh knows his guns. This book contains everything one would want to know about Ansley Fox’s masterpieces, and some more. Where the author comes short is the non-gun-related subjects.

Sunday, August 28, ConcealedCarryMatch. Concealed Carry Match was co-founded by Molly Lund and Jim Minthorn, who by all appearances truly do support gun rights. Other guys, myself included, find it incredibly appealing and a practical necessity for a mate. I signed up for a free membership and took a look around the website. Anyhow, take it that I know my stuff. Concealed carry dating is an interesting take, probably a little bit gimmicky, but if gun owners buy into the concept, why not try it?

For me, since guns come right after my Christian faith, its really, really, really important. The guys are your typical early-adopter online dating guys.

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