The CBS comedy television hit series The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for another season as several cast members took a cut in pay to allow the series to stay under budget and stay on the air. Alas, all good things must come to an end and at this time next year, there will only be several episodes left before the series finale. And of course the Grassy Knoll Institute investigators got its hands on the script for the finale. Stop reading now if you do not want to know the ending of the Big Bang Theory. The series finale opens with Sheldon and Amy in the year Sheldon is in a tuxedo and Amy in a beautiful wedding gown.

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All three also serve as head writers. It premiered on CBS on September 24 , The show is primarily centered on five characters living in Pasadena, California: The geekiness and intellect of the four guys is contrasted for comic effect with Penny’s social skills and common sense. Over time, supporting characters have been promoted to starring roles: Contents [ show ] Production The show’s initial pilot, developed for the —07 television season, was substantially different from its current form.

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Amy is first jealous finding that Sheldon’s assistant is a woman, witch is really interesting to see how she marks the territory. For everybody who love “Lenny” couple we have little twist: After deciding to break up with Leonard last week, Penny becomes jealous seeing him with Alex and promptly drags him off .

He is originally from New Delhi , India , and he works in the physics department at Caltech, where his area of expertise is astroparticle physics. He lives in an apartment in Pasadena. As with his friends, he is mutually involved with and obsessed with science fiction and comic books in general. He is also a fan of Harry Potter. Raj dislikes India, Indian food and Indian music, but appreciates the Indian lullabies his mother sang to him and the catchiness of Hindi phrases.

Raj is a Hindu and believes in karma reincarnation , but eats beef. He is very shy around women outside of his family, and during the first six seasons of the show, found himself unable to speak to women while in the presence of them unless he drank alcoholic beverages , or he believed he had done so. Despite this, Raj has sometimes ended up in bed with women, leaving the other guys perplexed.

A recurring joke in the series has people, including his parents and Leonard’s mother, speculating that Raj might be gay due to his feminine interests and his close friendship with Howard, with whom he has arguments similar to those of a married couple. However, Raj has always stated that he is straight , but metrosexual. He has had an infatuation with Penny, and secretly wrote love poems about Bernadette. Raj comes from a very wealthy family in India, and often communicates with his parents, Dr.

In season six, Raj started seeing a shy and sweet woman named Lucy, who had many things in common with Raj. However, she feels too pressured when he asks her to meet his friends and breaks up with him.


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[via press release from warner bros. television] the big bang theory boldly goes where no man has gone before with limited edition co-branded the big bang theory/star trek(tm) and the big bang.

This episode first aired on Thursday, February 21, In this episode, Raj becomes a hermit after Lucy dumped him on their first date. Plot Raj and Lucy, the girl who left with him after the Valentine’s Day party at the comic book store, are having coffee the same evening. Raj tells her how he went to Cambridge University, which reminded him of Hogwarts, where he fell in love with astronomy. And rhyming is also my game.

Raj thinks that everything is going great until we see Lucy passing the front window leaving him unaware that he’s alone. The next day, Sheldon is taping a Fun with Flags episode in his apartment. He apologizes to the audience for not airing an episode last week because Leonard pointed out that when he dressed up as George Washington Carver for Black History Month that that show was racist. Penny is Sheldon’s guest and is described as a flag virgin, but not a real virgin since she has had coitus.

Penny joins him and says that she has many times been at parties and has not been able to join in the discussions about flags. Penny stops the taping and shows him how to loosen up using things she learned in acting class like talking to his guest and not to the camera. Also he should have his arms opened instead of crossed thus welcoming everybody in. Sheldon mentions that he has gotten comments about his robotic delivery and that that must not be a compliment. Sheldon then looks too relaxed almost like Penny and he are a couple.

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I had absolutely no idea what that word meant, but it sounded fascinating. During my time in that course, I felt that I was finally discovering my theological home. The ways of conceiving of the Divine and experiencing the world with equal measures of both uncertainty and hope that come from a theopoetic sensibility resonated with me.

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Even more exciting, you can watch this entire “half-hour” show in a mere This must be that “miniaturization” fad we hear so much about. I’m less optimistic than a lot of people — mostly, I guess, because these days most of the programming that’s celebrated as the cream of our crop seems to me so awful. Emmys for Game of Throw-Up and the ghastly Veep? I know no one is expecting a new creative path to be blazed by the TV networks, and I certainly don’t.

Once again I paid no attention to the new-season announcements, and from what I’ve managed to glean from a couple of “Fall Preview” features, it looks grim. Which leaves me not much to look forward to except the return of a few shows that may have some creative life left in them. Which is why I couldn’t have been happier with last night’s Big Bang Theory season premiere. In terms of plot capital the show’s overseers have been so frugal that even in Season 9 they’ve got plenty of material still available.


She is the crown princess of Corona , known for her long, magical, golden hair. As a child, Rapunzel was abducted by a controlling witch and locked away in a remote tower for eighteen years—in during which, she became fascinated with a phenomenon involving ” floating lights ” that only appear on her birthday.

With the aid of the handsome thief, Flynn Rider , Rapunzel escaped her tower to learn more about the lights and pursue her dream of exploring the outside world. Rapunzel is loosely based on the protagonist of the classic German fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. Contents [ show ] Background Eighteen years before the events of Tangled, Rapunzel’s parents, King Frederic and Queen Arianna of Corona , were anticipating their firstborn.

Unfortunately, very late in her pregnancy, the queen fell ill with what would surely result in her death, as well as her child’s.

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Mulan is the eighth official Disney Princess and the one of few in the line-up who is not actually royalty through either birth or marriage. The original poem was originally a short fable, designed to show gender equality, but in the following centuries, it was developed until Hua Mulan became a legendary figure. As little contemporary evidence exists other than the poem, it is unknown whether she was a real or fictional figure. Personality At the start of the film, Mulan is introduced as a free-spirited outcast, clumsy, and unable to follow rules, regulations, or traditions.

Nevertheless, she has a warm heart and wants nothing more than to uphold her family honor, while keeping true to herself. Because of society, however, this is difficult to accomplish, often bringing chaos and embarrassment into her life. The driving force of Mulan’s journey is the love she has for her father, whom she joins the army in order to protect, as well as her desire to prove her own self-worth. She was seen having difficulties with self-confidence, due to society’s mistreatment towards her, as well as the pressures of the society she was born into—particularly in the lives of women.

Early in the film, whenever she went against sexism and injustice, or simply handled a situation in her own, unique way such as shouting “Present!